A Letter To…

Here you’ll find letters to those that have influenced my life- both good & bad.


Hi Bubba-

First & foremost, I miss you. I miss you more than I could ever put into words. 

I was always afraid of facing this big, scary world without you, & surely, I wasn’t ready for our story to end. But I knew this time would come, I just wish I had longer. 

Luke Bryan said it best; 

And I don’t know if I raised him or he raised me

And I thought we would be together
Go on and on just like that, forever
But I was young back then
How was I supposed to know
Little boys grow up and dogs get old

Little Boys Grow up And Dogs Get old

But first, I need to say thank you. Thank you for being right by my side. Thank you for loving me when I couldn’t love myself. Thank you for being a part of every single memory. Thank you for always knowing what I needed, even when I didn’t know myself. Thank you most of all for being you. 

To me, you were always more than a dog- you were my best friend and dammit, were you the greatest friend I could’ve ever asked for.

Ten years was just too short. I know, I know that sounds ungrateful. Your sweet soul touched every soul you came in touch with. I just wasn’t ready for our story to end (I never would be ready, ever ever). 

Even if I got just one more day with you. I’d fill it with all your favorite things. We could go visit all your favorite people & eat all your favorite foods. We’d snuggle up real good & I’d take you to all your favorite places.  I’d introduce you to all our new friends & I’d never let you go.

But life had other plans for you- plans I will never understand. I’m learning to cope with the pain of losing you. Time doesn’t heal all wounds, but I’m learning to tell your story with a smile instead of tears. Your name still warms my heart & your pictures bring a smile to my face- but time will never lessen the gut-wrenching punch of losing you.

I know you hated leaving me just as much as I did you, but I promise I’m learning to live with the pain. You sent me some pretty great companions & I’m forever grateful for your hand in choosing them for me, because I need them, too. I see a little bit of you in them & I know it’s you sending me those sweet little messages. I’m being taken care of down here, I promise.  

You stole my heart when I ran around in and pigtails, and I’ll remember you until I’m old, wrinkly, & grey. You left this world with a piece of my heart.

Wait for me on the edge of the rainbow bridge. I’ll come running for you, whenever my time comes. 

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