5 Questions to Never Ask Someone with a Rare Disease

  1. How did you even get out of bed?

I don’t know Norman, maybe because I have to.

  1. Are you any pain?

Nope, absolutely none Bertha… *insert eye roll*

  1. But you don’t look disabled?

    Well, you don’t look stupid Agnes, and yet, here we are.

  1. But wait, how’d you do that? You can’t do that?

Watch me, Alvin.

  1. Have you tried *insert medicine name here*? It’ll help, I promise.

When did you go to medical school, Debra? I’m pretty sure my 19 pills a day are the         best since you know a licensed doctor, who knows all about my condition is better suited for this decision.

Ralph, beloved service dog of Lindbergh High senior, dies

A family tells their service dog, Ralph, goodbye

“Bye, Bubba,” said Pete Henrotay, as he left the grave site where he and his family buried their dog, Ralph.

Pete’s daughter, Carli, grew up with Ralph, who went to school with her every day since the fifth grade. She is now a senior at Lindbergh High School.

“Ralph was my partner in crime,” said Carli, in a January interview with Fox2 News. “It was hard to bend down and Ralph was there to help pick things up.”

Carli has Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva, a disease that hardens the muscles in her body. Ralph was her support dog.

Lindbergh High School secretary Laura Carr told Fox2, “Ralph was going to be honored at graduation ceremonies because he has been here all four years. He has earned his doggie diploma.”

On Tuesday, the Henrotay family buried Ralph in Memory Park Cemetery in Twin Oaks. Ralph had been recently diagnosed with cancer.

The family had gotten him through Canine Companions. “It took two and a half years for us to get Ralph,” said Lori Henrotay, Carli’s mother. “This year he helped a lot of special needs kids at Lindbergh High. He was such a friendly dog.”


Story Credit: http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/metro/ralph-beloved-service-dog-of-lindbergh-high-senior-dies/article_26b466f3-be0f-5113-9706-ff58adee3c58.html


All About My Babies



Patiencce is my 4 & 1/2 year old golden/lab mix and partner in crime. Though she has many, many nicknames, Pay Pay tops the list. She is know for her wiggle butt & her tail never stops… well, unless she strains it, which she’s done twice.

She loves her kennel, blankets, ice cubes & swimming. She loves attetion & has never met a stranger. Though she loves everyone, she loves going to visit her Puppy Raisers, Jake & Krystal, & two siblings, Lady & Brandon.

Patience is a Canine Companions service dog. We graduated in May 2015 as a team.

Like her momma, Pay is very much the sass-master & a Princess.



Graci is a 3 & 1/2 year old coton mix. Though she’s only ten pounds, she rules the house. She’s all fluff & bark. She only bites if your trying to help me out, why, we don’t know.

She likes to torment the big dogs and hide there favorite toys. She loves taking me to school, mainly so she can eat my left over cream cheese on the way home. She likes to bark at anything that moves and can literally sit and bark at you for hours straight, yes hours.

Like her momma, she’s very much a grandpa’s girl & loves going to grandpa’s house & play/bark with her cousin-pups.


Knightly is a 1 year old golden lab mix.  He is a puppy-in-training for Canine

IMG_1819Companions, being raised by my mom.

At 90 pounds, he is very much the gentle giant (unless you ask our furniture).

He’s scared of Graci, but tries to bite her when she’s biting my mom (who then attacks him & he backs off). He loves ice cubes, pillows, and cuddling.

Though he’s not my pup, he lives in my house, & about half the time I claim him, but like me, were usually sleeping or eating.