The “College Experience” That Wasn’t

I guess my college experience was different than most. I’ve never once had the feeling of wanting college to never end, in fact, it’s the exact opposite- I couldn’t wait.

I fought my fought my way through the longest and hardest four years of my life. Life kept knocking me down and kept making it harder and harder to get up- it got to a point where I just stayed down. I expected the bad, I expected the pain and suffering—it was easier, and I was used to it.

I wanted the college experience, but after the first year and a half, I realized it wasn’t in the cards for me. I learned that the four years in college were only meant to teach me that I am stronger than anything life throws my way.

I struggled mentally with the change of college. I wasn’t with people have known me since I was five, I didn’t know the teachers, and worst of all, I didn’t have either of my partners in crime (my best friend or service dog). I was out of my comfort zone, and it was a mental hump I was never really able to overcome. I suffered many different symptoms of anxiety and depression. I needed a change, so I switched schools & moved into a dorm- worst mistake of my life. I spiraled even deeper into a dark hole.

Again, I made a change. I got my new partner in crime & I started a new school [third times a charm, right?]. It helped a little, but I was still stuck in a rut, and now I’ve added some tough physical challenges into the mix.

I wasn’t happy with myself- physically or mentally- but I accepted that. College taught me just how strong I was- mentally and physically. I learned that it wasn’t going to get better during my four years in college, and once I finished my second year, I accepted the fact. I changed my focus from living the “college life” to living the “Carli Life”—a life about pain, struggle, and mental toughness, with a lot of sass thrown into the mix. I learned that life couldn’t knock me down, no matter how hard it tried.

College changed me; both good and bad. But this isn’t a sad story- just simply the story of a girl who won’t take no shit. A girl who told life to throw whatever it’s got at me. I just might have forgot to tell them that I have a baseball bat ready to swing for the fences, so they better be ready to play hard-ball.



6 Things That Are 1 in 2 Million- Just like me!

Happy Rare Disease Day! Just like everything rare, the day is usually celebrated on February 29th (because, duh, it’s rare), but we’ll settle for 2/28 most years.

Here are 6 Things that have a 1 in 2 million chance of happening:

  1. Sharing a Leap Day Birthday with your Mom
  2. Being killed by lighting
  3. Catching a Blue Lobster
  4. Being killed in a tornado
  5. Being killed by falling out of bed
  6. Having Identical Triplets

Sure, you’ve heard of One in a Million, but I’m even more rare, so today we celebrate the rarities in life, like me.

So cheers to being 1 in 2 million!

5 Meme’s That Perfectly Sum Up Prednisone

Prednisone is a commonly used steroid, and destroys everything in its path, literally, everything. Which is a great thing medically, but the side effects? Those are a mile long & will have you running for the hills.

I think being on Prednisone can best be described in 5 memes:

  1. I mean who doesn’t love food? Prednisone literally makes you want to eat everything & then makes you regret it 10 minutes later when your entire body swells to the size of a whaleGOT PREDNISONE?? ;) Shared via Living with Crohns disease:lifeline on Fb
  2. … But just maybe the answer is in the food. (Hint: it’s not, but it’s worth a try). Unless you have taken prednisne or been around someone who has, you won't understand this.
  3. The medicine makes you such a moody b***h that even you want to take a 6 month vacation from your body..

Prednisone humor ...truer than you know, unless you're a spoonie!4. Have you ever tried to swallow one of these devil pills? (Consider yourself lucky if the answer is no) Not only do they taste like Satan, they turn you into a spawn of Satan. Satan's tic tacs lol5. Ugh, and the lack of sleep? If the medicines don’t mess with your emotions enough, the lack of sleep will get you every. Damn. Time. Prednisone problems #asthmatic #prednisone

So next time someone tells you they are on prednisone you might want to throw some food at them and run as fast as you can.

Another Semester….

Who ever said change is a good thing is a liar!

Change has always been something that I struggled with, whether that be physical, mental, friendships, or schedules. And though I’ve seen plenty of change in my life, I always find Spring Semesters one of the most difficult times to adjust to.

Mentally, I’m still on break, physically, I’m back at school/work, and I have no clue where my body is because it never seems to be either of those places.

Not only do I not like change, but my body hates it. Every time I start any kind of new schedule, my body freaks out. All of the sudden I’m now balance 5 classes, 20 hours at work, and countless hours of homework all while my body decides to shut down and go into flare up mode!

Somehow though, I must fight, even when that means fighting dirty.

Now, its time to balance my health, my mental health, school, work, homework, a social life, & still get the rest my body needs- as you well know this is a not an easy task for anyone (even if you are an over-organizer like me).

Change doesn’t like me, and I don’t like it. But I have to fight with my body everyday, so this is nothing new.

Carli= 1

Body & Health= 394202

Time to win!