Today Marks 3 Years…

Today marks 3 whole [long] years without my best friend, and I’m just can’t believe it.

Ralph was my frist service dog, and best friend from the second I got placed with him in May 2004. I didn’t know it then, but Ralph was every thing I didn’t know I needed. Ralph was so much more than just a service dog for me, but for everyone around me as well. Ralph was always the slowest of the bunch, but for me, he was perfect.


Two years after being placed, Ralph started going to school with me, and from then on he stole the hearts of my classmates and teachers.

When Ralph started getting ‘slow’ he stayed in the office and worked with other students with disablities and it was the best of both worlds- I got to keep my best friend with me, and he got to help others.IMG_1375

“If heaven wasn’t so far away, I’d pack up my bags & go for a day…”

Ralph was set to walk across the stage and get his “doggie diploma” but unfortunately cancer had other plans for my sweet boy. I lost his three years ago today to that awful disease, and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him.


If only I had just one more day, I’d take him to do all his favorite things, and visit all of his favorite people. I’d snuggle him endlessly and show let him meet all of my new friends. But I don’t have that choice, but I just want [him] to know- I think about you everyday, I still love you with my entire heart, and one day, I will see you again, and I can’t wait. Just keep watching over me, Bubba. I love you forever & miss you for always- it’s been a long three years, but I know you’re in a better place.


5 Reasons That I’m Happy Today

The past couple days have been rather terrible for me, but it’s time I start showing life whose boss. I have more than enough reasons to be happy, and so do you. Here’s my five, what are your top 5 reasons to be happy today?

  1. My best friend comes home for 10 days starting today!
  2. It’s $5 dollar Friday at Menchie’s & there’s nothing better than frozen yogurt drown in all the rainbow sprinkles I could ever dream over
  3. I’m having a Mother-Daughter day with my mom & I love her more than life.
  4. Patience (my unsnuggly dog) snuggled with me for an hour this morning!
  5. Sangria is definitely in today’s plan, & boy do I love Sangria

First Blog- Meeting Carli

Hi, My name is Carli Lyn. I’m a 21 year-old college student at Maryville University. I am currently making big changes in my life and trying to decide what is the best major route for me (yes, as a junior , for the third time). Give me a break, I’m still young with almo
st 4/5ths of my life ahead of me. Trying to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life is a huge stressor in my life and I want you to join me on this journey.

Now, the journey of changing my major isn’t going to be the focus of my blog, but that’s just a little background for you.

I’m going to focus on my disability, which is HUGE for me, considering I still ignore people who ask me about it.

When I was 5 and half years old I was diagnosed with a debilitating bone disease that intern has me growing a second skeleton. I have Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva or FOP because otherwise, it’s a mouthful. Although this disease is a pain in the kabooty, I don’t let it effect my life any more than it needs too. I hate that the disease is the first thing people see about me- they don’t see the incredible young women I strive to be.

This blog is going be all about challenging your viewpoint and how I crush the stereotype you impose on me.