Meet My Furry Friends!!

I’m probably the most un-lucky, lucky person in the world. Medically speaking, I get all the weird, rare shit that even make the doctors laugh at me. But outside of my bizarre medical history, I’m pretty dang lucky. I have an amazing support system; but mostly I have had the two most amazing service dogs (not that I’m bias).

I got my first Service Dog when I was 8 and he changed my life. King Ralph III was a male lab-golden cross and he was a gentle giant. IMG_1375.JPGHe moved even slower than a snail or at Ralph-pace, as we so lovingly named it. He loved everyone, but he was always partial to our little family. He always knew who needed him & when, always thinking of us before him, right down to his last breath. You see, Ralph thought me a lot, but most of all he taught me about unconditional love.

Ralph went to school with me from 5thgrade to my senior year, so it was only fitting that he would graduate with our class, right? That was the plan… Until the “C-word” forever rocked my world. The day after Christmas 2013, Ralph was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer, that spread to his entire body. We were completely devastated, but hopeful for a miracle that maybe he’d make it to May to graduate. Then, our vet dropped a bomb, “He has 3 weeks, tops. I’ve never seen anything this bad”. I was losing my entire world, and there was nothing I could do to stop it. My boy was a fighter though and stayed with me as long as he could (3 & ½ Months). None of us were ready to say goodbye, but we knew it was time & he was living a miserable life, just to make us happy.

I’m thankful for every day I got to spend with Ralph, and though the “I’ll see ya later” rocked my entire world, I wouldn’t change a thing. I love & miss him every day, & 4 and ½ years can’t change that. (Learn more about Ralph!)

For a while, I couldn’t bear the thought for getting another service dog, even though I needed their help. It took me 14 months to face the fact- I needed another assistance dog. I knew this dog could never replace Ralph, but that I’d love them just the same.

I got Patience V in May of 2015, and again, she changed my life. IMG_0055She is also a lab-golden cross, but has more lab in her, whereas Ralph was more golden.  Patience is again my perfect match. She likes to test my patience (ha, fitting) & give me all the sass. She is my partner in crime & is always right by my side. She has a heart of gold & is always my sassy-silly princess.

Although Patience is perfect for me, she decided that she too needed a medical problem to be just like her momma. About a year ago, she was diagnosed with epilepsy, and I’m pretty sure it’s her way of saying “Momma, you gotta keep your eye on me, while I keep mine on you. Also, I’m tired of you getting all of the medical attention.” My sweet PayPay always putting herself in front of the doctors so maybe they’ll stop messing with me. She does a darn good job at always making sure her momma is okay, and I’m forever grateful for that.

Canine Companions for Independence has changed my life & continues to do so every day. Not only have they provided me with two outstanding service dogs, I have gained an entire extended family of puppy raisers, friends, staff, & support. I don’t know where I’d be without the gift of my two four-legged children, but I do know I wouldn’t be near as successful. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am so grateful that this journey has been paved with pawprints, because I couldn’t do this life without them.

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Hi, my name is Carli Lyn. I'm a little sassy & a little smart-assy. I'm a 25 year old grandma who loves to sleep, drink tea, & watch TV. I'm an avid (okay, crazy-obsessed) St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. I am a crazy obsessed dog mom to my two little girls- Patience & Graci. I'm the pickiest eater you'll ever meet. The only healthy habit I have is drinking 8+ cups of water a day. I love Target. I love planners & pens. I love organization and anything HGTV. Oh also, I have a rare genetic bone condition- Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva &I have really cute little big toes.

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